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The world of SEO has evolved throughout the years. Before, you can generate site traffic by simply building multiple backlinks. Google, along with other prominent search engines, have become stricter with their algorithms. You need to monitor the changes to ensure the effectivity of your strategy.

Having a set of reliable tools can make it easier for you to monitor your progress and execute each task. Here’s a list of tools commonly used by search engine optimization experts in Utah:

1. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a complete SEO tool you can use for multiple campaigns. One of the best features of this tool is the keyword research. It allows you to select the best keyword or phrases you can rank for a certain niche. You can also crawl your site to detect any SEO issues, such as broken links, page errors, missing tags, and meta titles and descriptions.

Another benefit of using Moz Pro is you can easily optimize each page with the right number of keywords and proper placement. In addition, you can gain access to detailed reports of your inbound and outbound link sources. This is crucial, so you can make the necessary adjustments with your domain authority.

2. Copyscape

Content is still king when it comes to your SEO campaigns. Everything you publish online should be well-written, original, informative, engaging, and relevant to your products and services. Google and other search engines can easily detect duplicate content. They can get you flagged, which can affect the visibility of your site in all search engines.

Using Copyscape is the best solution to avoid plagiarized and duplicate content. Just simply attach or paste the content and their system will evaluate the entire article. You can even see the uniqueness of the content.

3. Siteliner

This tool allows you to check your website’s overall health score. Just like Moz Pro, it can help you detect any broken link on each web page, including duplicate content. It also allows you to highlight the common errors found with your linking strategy.

Siteliner’s best feature is the XML sitemap. This provides advanced reports on your site and page quality. Many specialists use this for side audits before sending proposals to their clients.

4. Crazy Egg

SEO specialist working

The best feature of this tool is it allows you to see the location and sources of your links. Knowing your link sources enables you to adjust your SEO strategies accordingly. You can easily track down your leads and get insights into your engaging posts or content using their “heatmap feature”.

Running an SEO campaign is not an easy task. Sometimes, you need to do “trial and error” until you find the most effective strategy. Use the right tools for each platform to get the maximum benefits and positive results. Understand how each process works, so you can also use them effectively. Most importantly, work with the right search engine optimization company that can provide the tools and services you need to succeed in your industry. Start looking for a reputable provider today.

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