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In the mobile world, the supremes reign. As far as operating systems are concerned, there is no doubt that a duopoly exists. And that includes Android and iOS. When it comes to mobile phone units, two competitors are fighting their way to domination: Samsung and Apple. There is a great divide between the two operating systems and the devices using them. And people who use these devices and operating systems have their reasons for their choice. Lifestyle is surely the number one factor. However, it is interesting to see why people choose what they choose.

In this article, however, it will be discussed why Android beats iOS. For sure, there are good reasons people are all for an Android device. You can use this guide if you are planning to buy a mobile phone or even switch to new one. Here are some of the top reasons you may want to keep in mind:

Reason #1: There are many service centers to turn to

Got a problem with your device? No problem. To respond to the demands of many Android owners, many stores have repair services specializing in Android-based devices. And this should not be a problem, as there are many several Android-focused repair centers in Salt Lake City that fix Samsung, OnePlus, and other devices that run Google’s OS. If you cannot find on-ground, you can always go down and explore what happens out there.

Reason #2: It’s inclusive

Interestingly enough, the difference between iOS and Android is that the former is founded on exclusivity while the latter, on inclusivity. Inclusivity is important in tech, as it forges connectedness. There are many Android users out there, meaning there are more people you can connect with, especially when you are using an operating system-specific application. This also means that you can easily relate to each other, as you are using the same OS: for one, you can easily transfer files, such as pictures and music files to one another, as your operating systems are compatible.

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Reason #3: It’s customizable

Android devices are popular among people who want to express their individuality. Even in tech, people do not want to lose of what they are, so many turn to devices that will help them show their true colors. In Android devices, you can easily customize the features and looks of your applications and skins so that it will be much easier for you to use the device; it is also a way of making your devices your own.

Reason #4: They are much practical

Face it: iPhones are really expensive. And if you are a practical person, you will not want to shell your money on devices that also have the same functions and uses as Android devices. If you are looking to be practical, you should go for Android devices.

The mobile world is a cut-throat industry. And if you want to survive it, you need to be strong. And that is what Samsung is actually doing—to break the market share, give people what they want to know, and of course to allow them to do what they want!

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