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Before the pandemic, retail businesses around the world were already revolutionizing the way people shop. Online shopping was the first step. And what’s next- the increasing demand for no-contact shopping experiences.

Let’s admit it, the fast development of virtual reality and artificial intelligence plus the start of social distancing protocols expedite the adoption and expansion of technologies like online shopping, where consumers can shop without the need to have physical interaction with sellers.

Generally, no-contact shopping was not designed to oust employees. Proper use can help employees be more efficient with their jobs, allowing them to focus on other things that improve company performance.

The Use of Technology to Close Gaps

The use of technology in the retail industry goes beyond the supermarket. These kinds of tech are now adopted in all sorts of markets. Any product or brand can use technology to improve the contactless shopping experience of their customers. Entrepreneurs can use no-contact shopping methods whether they are selling brand new cars or soaps.

Although we know that contactless shopping is all about selling without meeting in person, it comes with different strategies too. Here are some ways businesses are changing the game for retail shopping.

Reviews and Feedback

Indeed, shopping from the comfort of your home is one of the best things ever, but it can also be risky. Since you can only see the product online, you have no clue how it’s used and what it looks like in person.

It’s easy to imagine a product and think of how it can help you once you buy it, but it’s not easy to trust ads, and sometimes, you will even have doubts about it. And that’s why reviews and feedback are needed.

About 84% of millennial shoppers agree that reviews and feedbacks greatly influence their shopping decisions. According to them, authentic information from actual users is vital in purchasing a product or service.

Live Video Selling

Some consumers like online shopping with a personal touch, and that’s why live video selling has become in-demand these days. The idea is to sell products to viewers and persuade them that what you’re selling is of good quality.

Through live video selling, entrepreneurs can give opinions to persuade their viewers to buy. One of the many advantages of live video selling is that you get to interact with your customers in real-time. In other words, you can quickly answer their questions, which can increase sales.

video selling

After a consumer place an order, the process will continue. They will pay for it through bank transfer, submit their information to the seller, and wait for their package. Consumers don’t need to worry about mishandled goods as many courier companies use a conveyor belt to maintain the packaging in excellent condition.

Virtual Fitting

All thanks to technology, consumers can now try on clothes virtually. Virtual fitting rooms allow consumers to see what specific clothing would look like on them before purchasing the goods. Big companies like Adidas and Macy’s are already using this method to make the online shopping experience better for their customers.

Robots and Automatic Vehicles

Since no-contact retail is in full bloom, contactless delivery is in high demand too. For instance, some food companies are now delivering food with the help of robots and automatic vehicles. The delivery vehicle is programmed to stop precisely at the customer’s driveway and give them their orders.

There’s more. Customers can even track their order through GPS, and when the vehicle arrives, they will enter a pin or a password to get their food. Furthermore, the robot is designed to keep the food warm, which is impressive given that this technology is just starting.

Shop Online, Pick Up at the Store

Another shopping method that most people use these days: “shopping online, picking up at the store.” This shopping strategy allows shoppers to save time as they no longer have to walk around a store to find what they want.

They can shop online through a mobile app or shop website, add the goods to an online cart, check out and pick them up on their way home from work. Most apps and websites have reviews and feedback too, which is a big help for customers.

Whether we like it or not, technology is indeed changing the business industry. And what’s more is that it’s only expected to revolutionize the shopping experience further for efficiency, convenience, and safety.

And while many might think that online shopping will only become more prevalent in the coming years, the conventional way of getting products and services will remain. Of course, nothing would ever beat the thrill of aimlessly scouring shopping aisles.

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