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Most of us consider our phones as palm-sized computers. We store a large amount of data in it, we use it to access the Internet, and we even use it to conduct business. In effect, our phones have become one of our most important gadgets. If someone gained access to it without our knowledge, a multitude of problems could ensue.

One of the ways you could improve the security of your phone is to consult a penetration testing company since it’s their expertise to find holes in a person’s security system. But before you consult an expert, you should first know how to spot if your phone has been hacked. Here are the signs:

Your phone battery gets depleted quickly

Constant use of our phones has enabled us to determine if our batteries are working perfectly or not. If you regularly use your smartphone, you know when your battery is about to be depleted. So this could also help you if someone hacked your phone. If you notice that your battery gets depleted much faster than usual, it may be because a spy program/app is scanning your phone to transfer data to a server controlled by a hacker. Scanning a phone uses a lot of battery power. If your phone notifies you that the battery power is already low when it’s still morning and you charged it overnight, it may be because someone has hacked your phone.

There are calls and messages you didn’t send

Another sign that your phone has been hacked is that if you notice a lot of numbers that your phone has made contact with through text or calls but you don’t recognize any of them. You don’t recall sending messages or calling those numbers. Check your phone bill. If you find any numbers that you don’t recognize, report it immediately to your service provider and have them fix it immediately.

Your data usage is high

Most hackers try to access other people’s computers and phones because they want free use of data. You’ll find out if someone has been using your phone to use free data if you get your phone bill and your data bill is higher than usual. But there are other ways and less costly methods to know if someone has hacked your phone and is trying to use your data at your expense.

Phone performance is slower

If you notice that accessing your apps or the Internet through your phone is slower than usual, someone might have hacked your phone. If someone has hacked your phone and is currently using it to access the Internet or steal information from you, you’ll notice that your phone is slower to respond to your commands. Have your phone checked right away to see if someone has hacked it and to prevent that person from further accessing your phone.

There is unusual computer activity

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Another sign that someone has hacked your phone is when you try accessing some of your apps but you can’t get in anymore. Your passwords may no longer be working, some of your files have changed, and your phone’s settings have already changed even though you have never altered them.

Be vigilant when it comes to protecting your phone from hackers. Most of us store sensitive data in those gadgets. Do not access any mysterious apps or programs without doing some proper background checking.

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