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An outstanding health and wellness condition is something that all of us wish to attain. Some believe it can be accomplished by maintaining or improving their physical fitness. Alongside physical fitness, there is also financial stability to worry about, which others believe will further their wellness journey.

While they are correct in these assumptions, it just is not enough to improve on only these two attributes. It goes against the notion that health and wellness encompass every single facet of the human person. 

Many fail to understand that the overall health of their mental and emotional attributes should also be given the same amount of care, if not more, as their physical health. This is an aspect of health and wellness that has been neglected for far too long.

The need to be present all the time

It is not easy to do so, though. Nowadays, people are vulnerable to numerous stressors that are quite difficult to get away from. Two of which are the absolute need to have communication lines open and up to date. In fact, the great need for it has resulted in many businesses utilizing professional answering services.

The common folk, on the other hand, operate on different terms. Instead of being attached to landlines and computers to answer professional calls, emails, or text messages, they are more adept with mobile phones to update themselves on social media profiles.

These sites have been extremely beneficial for many. They have allowed people to establish communities with those who share their interests. This is also where they feel welcomed and safe. Furthermore, social media allows talent showcases that can reach a wider audience, and the same can be said about news from places unknown.

However, it is not always sunshine and happiness on social media.

The need to take a break

Manusing phone social media icons

Toxicity is a grave problem on the internet. Trolls run rampant, and so many hide behind their right to free speech to let out venomous, hateful words in the guise of criticism. It appears that hiding behind the screen of one’s phone or tablet has desensitized people to the fact that words can hurt. Celebrities are affected by it, and so are the "normal" people.

The need, then, to detoxify from social media has never been more palpable. 

Some do it by turning off notifications or activating Do-Not-Disturb Mode. This prevents their daily routines from being interrupted by a new tweet or Facebook post. Others prefer to uninstall the apps from their devices so that they have to go the extra length and go on their computers to keep themselves updated. Others schedule social media-free days so that they have time to actually socialize with other people out there.

Regardless of how one chooses to go about it, good things will come out of the cleanse. Taking a break from the toxicity online allows a person to breathe, and take into account how it affected their mindsets. Furthermore, they can focus on other aspects of their lives and set goals to achieve.

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