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The packaging of goods is an essential part of marketing products. Apart from protecting the product itself, it also serves as a reflection of a brand’s image and values. A product’s packaging design can also offer customer convenience depending on its structure and material.

There have been various technologies produced in making product packaging. From traditional packaging designs, many companies have even moved towards innovative packaging options. Nowadays, there are also automatic hot foil stamp machines to make packaging look premium or more attractive to consumers.

Another aspect of product packaging innovation is sustainability. Similar to how other aspects of many companies have adopted sustainable practices, product packaging design has also been trying to keep up with this latest trend.

Importance of Product Packaging in Marketing

Consumers are visual people. They are often attracted to the visual aspects of a particular item or product which drives them to purchase the goods. Product packaging creates a whole different experience for a consumer which makes the usage of a product more worthwhile and worth the money. This is why product packaging is important in marketing goods. Here are some factors on how product packaging improves the experience of consumers.

A consumer’s purchasing decisions can be affected by a product packaging’s colors. This aspect of product packaging affects how consumers react to a particular product. Colors in product packaging can make or break a consumer’s recall of the brand at hand.

Product packaging can also reinforce a product’s perceived value. Whether it be in terms of convenience in storage or convenience in use, product packaging assists the customer experience of the product. Product packaging can emphasize a product’s functionality.

The function is an important aspect of a given product. It has to serve the purpose it is being sold for. Without this, the product will seem of lesser value and consumers might be repelled by this product.

Product packaging is important in communicating with consumers. It has the power to provide a unique and helpful experience to these consumers so that they can continue purchasing the given product. It will then increase the sales of the company.

Innovations in Product Packaging

Through the years, product packaging has faced numerous innovations to provide for consumers’ needs and preferences. Companies have studied and adapted to the changing consumer demographics of these modern times. This is essential in keeping businesses relevant as products can change in significance and value through the years. Here are some innovations in product packaging that have helped companies sell their goods.

There have been some products in the market that have innovated how consumers use their products. A detergent brand has changed the way consumers use the detergent bottle given the new concentrated formula of the product. Since less amount of detergent is needed, the company has innovated the product packaging to produce only a small amount per pump.

Amazon has changed up its product packaging by making it “frustration-free.” This type of packaging has changed the form of packaging by making it simpler. It has also reduced the materials needed to package products.

These are some innovations in product packaging in recent times. Companies have been responding to the demands and needs of consumers by providing new ways of experiencing products.

Sustainability in Packaging


Sustainability has become a buzzword in many industries in recent years. With the effects of global warming increasingly affecting our everyday lives, companies have been adapting to this change in the environment. It is important for businesses to recognize this need for change to continuously help improve the state of our climate.

Recently, companies have been using reusable packaging in their products. This allows consumers to produce less waste in their everyday household items while also potentially saving money by purchasing refills instead of completely new bottles.

Some businesses have also been exploring the use of plastic alternatives like paper bottles. These designs are recyclable and biodegradable to help save the environment one product at a time.

The sustainability efforts of companies are greatly recognized these days and these serve as a big factor when it comes to marketing products. Consumers are growing more aware of the consequences of their purchase habits. This is why companies should study the needs and preferences of consumers so that they can adapt to these new factors.

Product packaging greatly influences consumer behavior and purchase habits. Companies should take advantage of this by adjusting their product packaging accordingly. Product packaging can affect the emotional and functional aspects of a product which are major factors to a consumer’s decision to purchase.

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