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Most companies tend to avoid paid search advertising in the erroneous belief that it is expensive and not so effective. Paid search advertising, more so Google AdWords or PPC is the current online advertising powerhouse and has the highest ability to boost your sales and drive relevant traffic to your website. Nonetheless, this is only possible if you do it correctly. Before investing in Google AdWords, you need a marketing strategy clearly detailing your objectives.

Without input from a company that specializes in digital marketing in Virginia, reaping a good ROI from your paid search marketing campaigns is virtually impossible. There are different aspects the marketing expert will emphasize in your strategy. The most crucial of these factors are those that affect the ranking of your ad and consequently its visibility among the right clients.

Here are the primary factors that directly influence a paid search ad’s position:

Your Bid

Most marketers assume that the most expensive PPC ads are the highest-ranking ones. But this is not always the case. Different elements should complement your bid for your ad to rank at the top. Start with a convenient bid for your ad. Remember that you can change your bid in the future when you better understand how much you need to bid based on the metrics you collect from your ad.

Ad Formats and Extensions

Google AdWords offers different ad formats and extensions to make your ads exciting, as well as increase the chances of people clicking on them. Ad extensions have been proven to yield a 10-15% average increase in your ad’s CTR. There are different extension types, all with different objectives. Site link extensions, for instance, will increase links to particular web pages while callout extension links will provide additional information on your ad.

Expected Click-Through Rate

Person clicking the computer mouseThis generally encompasses the performance of your keyword. After all, this is the primary determinant of whether or not a client will click on the ad. There are tools used to collect metrics that predict the performance and CTR of the keywords used on your ad to help you make the right choice.

Ad Relevance

Your ad’s relevance is closely linked to the corresponding keywords you will include on your ad copy. To boost your ad’s relevance, use the right keywords to communicate what you are offering. You can use the same metrics you collect for your ad’s expected CTR to choose the keywords that are most relevant for your online marketing efforts.

Landing Page Experience

Your PPC ads are linked to your website’s landing pages. Once a client clicks on your ad, they are directed to your site and given an opportunity to invest in your business. An inefficient landing page can bring down the right keywords, catchy advertisements, and best extensions. Different elements will work together to boost your landing page experience and, consequently, the ranking of your PPC ad.

PPC advertising will be your best avenue to reaping profits from the vast online market with an optimal ranking. The above factors will, however, make the difference between a high and low PPC ad ranking. A proper choice of these elements is, therefore, essential.

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