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With the many innovations happening around the world, one thing is clear. Digitalization is the future, so companies that get a head start can enjoy tons of benefits. Almost every function in businesses is achievable through digital spaces. However, does it mean that you should transfer everything online? Remote work is becoming more and more impactful in today’s setup. The COVID-19 pandemic helped corporations see the transition in its most beneficial light.

As the world attempts to recover from the rough situation, remote work setups continue to show their value. But it does not mean you can migrate all of them at once. The best option is to take it one division or operation at a time. If you want immediate success, here are the business functions you can move to remote work setups.

IT Support

IT support implements pieces of software and applications that can streamline your business processes. The responsibility comes with the security of business assets and data, ensuring that the digital transformation does not come with risks. It can be challenging to eliminate all digital threats and errors, leading to the failure of digital migration for your business. Having an IT support team can minimize those chances, allowing your company to move to remote work setups without difficulty.

This division is a no-brainer for remote work setups because its primary responsibility is to create the digital and technological workspace for your company. As a result, the demand for IT outsourcing services is at an all-time high. Every piece of technology, communication channel, and application needs to provide your employees with a cohesive work environment. Because of the massive responsibility, IT support takes the top spot.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Remote work setups apply to the divisions directly working online. While a few departments might come into mind, none will have more impact than digital marketing. Potential customers will flock to social media platforms, search engines, and websites every day. Digital marketers thrive in the virtual space, and most of their tasks and assignments happen in front of a computer. You can argue that brainstorming sessions and business meetings will justify on-site work arrangements.

But third-party communication channels provide ways for team members to interact without any issue. Most of them are for free. Digital marketing tools and paid ads might require you to belt out funding for your remote team, but they are worthwhile investments that could bring in more customers. Removing the need to commute to the office can help your digital marketers be more efficient. If you want to reduce costs, partnering with a digital marketing agency in Singapore makes more sense.


The finance department’s primary role is to keep track of the business expenses and distribute funding to business divisions accordingly. While you can justify physical presence for the division, digital transactions and accounting software make remote setups more attractive. There is a need to create digital copies of receipts in every business transaction, may it be for customers, suppliers, and third-party services. Collecting those data is more efficient when accomplished online. Manual bookkeeping can lead to many human errors, making it challenging for the accounting division to perform audits with precision.

Accounting, tax computations, auditing, and payroll are only some of the long list of business finance functions that migrated to online means. Relying on manual processes should never happen in the digital age anymore, and the finance department is one that requires the transformation the most.

Customer Service

Customer service belongs in the end process of the entire customer experience journey. It is necessary to dedicate personnel and equipment to cater to complaints and questions of customers. However, setting up the division on-site can make the business establishment crowded. The more customers you interact with, the more resources you must invest in the division. Fortunately, outsourcing services are available to help you set up customer service for your business.


Manufacturing is one of those divisions that make sense for working on-site. It is part of the direct operations, making it necessary for you to be part of the day-to-day operations. What doesn’t make sense, however, is the high costs that come with it. The manufacturing plant, workers, materials, supply, and tools are part of an endless list of investments you must achieve for your company. Unfortunately, that could lead to a costly bill in your homeland. Outsourcing the division to low-cost countries with manufacturing expertise can help you significantly reduce costs, a crucial component in maintaining competitiveness in every industry. However, it can also be more than just saving money.

Remote work setups become more attractive when you consider that outsourcing, freelancing, and offshoring options are available. However, doing them at the same time could lead to disastrous results. When you decide to take it one at a time, these departments offer the best start possible.

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