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Times are changing, and so is marketing. If you want more people to interact with your brand, start innovating your content. To get started, here are three of the biggest content marketing trends for 2020.

Live Video Streams

Thanks to social media, people are engaging with live video streams than ever before. In fact, 80% of userswould rather watch live video content from a brand than read a blog.

Live videos allow marketers to directly connect with their audience in real time. Brands are using tools like Instagram TV, Facebook Live, Vimeo, LinkedIn Live, and Periscope to create highly interactive audiovisual content.

Live video streams can take the form of Q&As, events, announcements, behind-the-scenes footage, and even auctions. Because live streams don’t follow scripts, they enable natural and intimate conversations that are more appealing to audiences.



People love podcasts because they’re highly informative and accessible. They also allow you to multitask. You can listen to one while driving, taking walks, or doing errands. Podcasts can cover just about any topic from sports and pop culture to history and current events.

More businesses are creating podcasts to showcase their expertise and keep their listeners on the loop about industry trends. Many companies interview celebrities or A-list people in their podcasts to increase their audience.  Podcasts give off a natural vibe that allows listeners to get to know high-profile personalities on a more intimate level.

The great thing about podcasts is you don’t need a professional crew to create one. You can produce one from your own office, although quality audio equipment can be costly. Media hosts like Spotify, Stitcher, and iTunes allow you to upload podcasts in less than an hour.

Brands often provide podcast listeners with incentives like discount codes to boost sales. Others release exclusive content for subscribers to attract more audience. One way to make podcasts more engaging is to have mailbag segments where listeners can send in topics or questions that can be discussed during the episode.

Google snippets

Ranking first on Google’s search results page used to be the whole point of digital marketing. These days, brands strive to have their content appear in the featured snippet also known as “position zero.”

snippet is a short selection of text that answers a user’s search query. It is enclosed in a box and appears above the first actual search result.

Achieving a featured snippet emphasises your content and proves your authority in your industry. Users are more likely to click on a snippet because it offers instant useful information as opposed to clicking on a link and having to assess a page’s value.

Snippets can increase your click-through rate and attract more organic traffic to your site which can eventually lead to greater conversions.

Brands need to optimise their content to secure that snippet position. Hiring a professional SEO company can help you target the right keywords and make your website more attractive to Google.

Thanks to continued digital advancements, content marketing is set to evolve even more in the next few years. As such, entrepreneurs need to take a fresh look at their strategies to prepare for the challenges and opportunities to come.

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