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Although critical, the coding process isn’t the core part of web design and development. Indeed, web designers and developers use technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, which gives a website its shape and defines the way Internet users interact with its content. The things that stay behind remain a crucial part of the life cycle of developing a website.

The overall appearance and functionality of a website depend on the quality of its features and design. Whether Internet users are impressed upon visiting a website or not depends on its visual features and layout. That’s why reliable web design services in Raleigh, North Carolina are crucial for the success of your online presence. Here are the important web development and design phases that no one can overlook:

Information Gathering

This is the first step in successful and professional web design and development. You have to account for many things when creating the feel and look of a web page. This step is the most critical one in web design as it involves understanding the needs and preferences of the users. You have first to realize the dreams and goals of your business and learn how you can utilize the web to achieve those goals.


Based on the information gathered in the first step, it is time to determine the feel and appearance of your site. One of the critical factors to consider is the target audience. For example, a web page targeted for teenagers will have different features from those of a financial institution web page. Apart from the design, you might have to incorporate elements, such as the colors and logo, to strengthen the identity of your brand on the site.

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Testing and Delivery

After designing and developing a website, the next step is to address the final details and testing its functionality. You might have to check things such as its compatibility and functionality of scripts. Of course, everyone wants to work with a web designer versed with the latest web site design and development standards. CSS and HTML are the technologies that web designers are currently using to design and develop professional sites. Besides testing, it might be necessary to validate all codes written for your web pages.


The web design and development processes don’t end in the testing phase. Your site will need new products and content to bring repeat visitors and draw the attention of new ones. As such, it will be necessary to continue working with your web developer to update information and content on your site.

Your web developer should guide you throughout this process. Open communication and a healthy relationship with your web designer will ensure that you have a reliable site that grows with your business needs. Follow these steps and refine your website often for relevance and consolidated online presence.

The web design and development processes have to go through these phases for the development of a successful site. The processes will divide the whole project into manageable and less costly stages. Although these phases vary across projects, the primary steps remain the same.

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