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Technology has indeed made a huge impact on our daily lives. For one, mobile phones and laptops have made communication and working remotely more convenient and easier.

Gone are the days where we have to find payphones for emergency calls and rely on old school computers to do office work and school assignments. But just like us humans and other living things, electronic gadgets will also reach their “end of life” and eventually die out on us after a few years of usage.

In Massachusetts, there are electronics recycling companies that can help in reducing electronic wastes or “e-waste.”

The impact of e-waste

A UN report revealed that there were almost 45 million tons of electronic gadgets disposed of in 2016, around 20 percent of which were said to be discarded through proper e-waste disposal. The remaining 80 percent most likely ended up in landfills, which contributed to the increasing global waste.

Electronic items also contain harmful substances such as mercury and lead. These should be disposed of properly, and there are different ways to do that in a safe way.

Benefits of e-waste management

There are many ways how proper e-waste management can benefit not only the environment but also the consumers and businesses as well. Here are some of them.

1. It can help get an alternative source of energy.

The US Environmental Protection Agency reports that recycling millions of laptops can be converted to electricity that can run more than 3,600 households in the US annually. Take note that energy is spent more on manufacturing a computer than using it.

2. Valuable metals can be recovered through proper e-waste management.

The same agency also reported that up to tens of thousands of pounds of valuable metals such as gold, silver, and copper could be recovered through proper e-waste recycling.

3. It can also reduce environmental waste.

In the first place, the main goal of proper e-waste management is to reduce environmental waste. In order to produce a single computer set, it would need around 1.5 tons of water, more than 500 lbs. of fossil fuel, and 40 lbs. of different chemicals. These chemicals can be hazardous to the environment if not disposed of properly.

How you can help

old mobile phones

If you have old mobile phones and other unused electronic gadgets at home, you can help in proper e-waste management and earn additional cash at the same time. Here are some ways you can help the environment.

1. Sell your used cell phones online.

There are different websites where you can sell used phones that are still in good condition. There are also ones that can buy broken phones. You can check out those websites online.

2. Donate your old gadgets.

You can donate your old electronic gadgets through non-profit organizations and charity institutions. Not only you can dispose of your old gadgets properly but also help others who really need them.

3. Bring them to electronic manufacturers.

Some major electronic companies offer rebates and other rewards to customers who give old gadgets for recycling. Among these companies that accept old gadgets in exchange of rewards include Apple, Best Buy, and Amazon among a few.

It is important to be responsible in using electronic gadgets. It should not be disposed of the way we dispose of cartons and candy wrappers. Knowing how to properly dispose of e-waste can help a lot in our environment and make the world a better place.

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