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About 55 percent of startups already have a digital business strategy in place. Meanwhile, only 38 percent of traditional enterprises have done so. Like it or not, all businesses are heading toward one direction: onto digital transformation.

Change is never easy, but a strategic approach can make the process manageable.

Recognize the Huge Impact of Change

Adopting ServiceNow’s implementation project plan is one way to begin an organization’s digital transformation. An automation system with an efficient and customized management plan can help your business make the most of the technology. Because any change in your process will rarely be a breeze.

Forbes reports employers will have to manage things within the organization in such a way that the staff perceives it the same way.

For instance, ServiceNow can enhance the IT and enterprise service management of a business. It comes with a powerful range of capabilities. But employees will take some time to adjust to it. The best way to approach the situation is to inform them that the transitioning will take a while, but it’ll make work easier for them.

Adopt Innovative Tactics

With changes coming, employers should come up with the right strategies. According to McKinsey, most changes fail due to the following:

  • Improperly made integration approaches
  • Inaccurate target identification
  • Delayed implementation

Forbes reminds employers the human resources (HR) department also plays a crucial role in making changes that are effective. They also have responsibilities in the transition, such as:

  • Making sure there’s little to no disruption to the workforce
  • Talking to employees and training them during the transition
  • Tapping the right leaders, so every department is in sync with the changes

Forming an acquisition committee can make the process better. The group will consist of at least one representative per department, preferably the department heads. It will ensure the efficiency of the company while keeping everyone on the same page about the transition.

Each leader has an integral part in the transition toward digital transformation. They will have to design steps that meet the daily, weekly, and monthly output throughout the process.

Inform Everyone Before Implementing the Plan or Changes

Manager talking to the team

Employees want and deserve transparency; lack of communication can affect morale. The best way for employers to ensure smooth digital transformation is to communicate relevant matters to their employees. Otherwise, confusion will arise.

Forbes’ advice is to create a strategic communication plan. Never leave your employees in the shadows. Inform them of the purpose of the changes. Then fill them in on the steps involved. After all, they are the ones most likely to be affected by the transition.

Be honest with your employees. Let them know the actual and possible effects of the changes in their jobs, particularly in their daily tasks. It’s inevitable that some employees will wonder if they should be worried about their jobs. As the leader, be reassuring and upfront about the problems and solutions in place.

Digital transformation is bound to happen to every company. It’s up to the employers to make sure that everyone is up for it. As long as employees understand their role in the change, they will focus on their jobs with the organization’s growth in mind.

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