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SMEs generally outsource most of their departments so that they can focus all their time and resources on remaining afloat and growing their business. However, there are many myths doing the rounds on outsourcing IT support. These have made most companies in New Jersey opt for in-house IT departments that in most cases require substantial investments that they cannot comfortably manage.

Managed IT support can help companies focus on the growth and enhancement of their online security and productivity. The services you can access in managed hosting are vast, making it ideal for companies that have considerable online traffic and heavy workloads. The following are some of the services that you can access in managed IT support:

Network Security

A breach of your network might be the one issue that shuts down your entire business, so network security is crucial. A managed IT service provider will set up the online security system that works best for your network and has minimal interference with other operations. Some of the services offered under network security include perimeter management, risk assessment, remote compliance monitoring, and remote monitoring.

Unified Communications

Running an organization nowadays depends on seamless communications between different departments. The use of unified communications will streamline your company’s discussions. Aside from facilitating discussions, it provides a record of the discussions for future reference.

Cloud Computing

There is barely enough room in businesses nowadays for the installation of huge machines for data storage. This is where cloud computing comes in. With this service, your firm will be able to store data and share it on the cloud. This offers easy access to a broad range of data without the installation of bulky equipment to eat up into your existing office space.

Network Administration

This service involves helping your employees with the troubleshooting and repair of different IT-related issues. Network administration also encompasses the creation of backup systems for the storage of your data and running of your systems during times when the Internet connection is low. The backup also offers a solution in case of a disastrous loss of data in your system. Most backup solutions work from the cloud to assure you that your most important data is secure.

Help Desk

picture of headset and laptopYour customers need to feel that they can count on you in case they have issues with your product. The perfect way to guarantee this is by setting up a help desk. In the past, the help desk required a large number of employees who were often overworked and unable to handle all customer queries. A managed IT service provider can get you the best digital support for the staff at your help desk. This will enable them to handle a large number of queries in minimal time and leave you with happy clients.

In a managed service setup, your service provider will be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the services and equipment mentioned above. You will only pay a monthly fee for the receipt of these services. Therefore, it gives your business access to an entire IT department at a fraction of the cost of hiring one and buying equipment.

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