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The fastest growing sphere in business is e-commerce. Virtually, anything can now be sold and bought online. As such, companies have spent a considerable investment in getting an up and running online shopping center. To ensure that you gain a competitive advantage and impact, your bottom line in online marketing is to monitor the servers that you are using continually. There are several monitoring tools offered by IT solutions companies.

Before forking out your hard-earned cash to invest in one, get input from a company offering monitoring support IT solutions. This is because monitoring software handles a broad range of tasks, and without expert input, you might get one which is redundant. The IT support company will assess your company’s operations, and then advise you on the monitoring software which will work best for your servers. The following are a few of your available options.

Availability/Uptime Monitoring

Even two minutes of downtime can cost your firm thousands of dollars in profits. You want a constant assurance that your clients can access your servers anywhere. It might be humming, but someone might trip a cord and take it entirely offline. Availability or uptime monitoring software is designed to periodically poll your servers to assess if they are running and responsive. This is generally the entry-level software into the world of IT monitoring.

Site Performance Monitoring

Person waiting for the site to loadJust because your servers are up and running does not automatically mean that your clients are having the best time on your sites. Maybe your web pages are taking a long time to load, or some are not even working. These issues might not trigger the uptime monitoring to regard your site as non-functional. Site performance monitoring is the answer to assess the functionality of your website and guarantee that your clients are getting an optimal experience. This will significantly reduce your bounce rates and increase your visitors.

Log Monitoring

Servers will generate all types of application logs, including those from your operating system, web server, database server, and custom software among others. It is prudent to aggregate these log files and evaluate them so that you are aware of the servers’ performance. Log monitoring is one of the most comprehensive options of monitoring since it virtually tracks everything that your servers handle.

Security Monitoring

With the rise of e-commerce, fraudsters are targeting a lot of online shoppers and collecting crucial financial information which they use to steal from them. You would not want this to happen to your clients since it paints your business in the poorest light. Moreover, a lot of your private information is stored on your servers, and a security breach might place it in the wrong hands. Automated security monitoring software is essential to protect your business’ operations from security breaches continually.

Most of the above software can be further customized after its acquisition to meet your organization’s specific needs. In most cases, you will need multiple monitoring software. There are, however, instances when software from one vendor is incompatible with another type from a different vendor. As regards this matter, an IT expert will help you choose the ones which will match and work together for your servers’ monitoring.

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