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The sales growth in the U.S. e-commerce business ballooned to 49 percent since the Coronavirus pandemic struck the country. This noticeable change in the purchasing behavior of consumers is largely driven by shelter-in-place regulations, social distancing, and wide brick-and-mortar store closures.

While most businesses were immediately able to adopt digital solutions, the fact remains that there is still a significant supply chain disruption and other inventory problems. Many are worried that long-time customers may switch to other brands that have readily available products.

Companies of different shapes and sizes are now facing the same dilemma of providing long-term customer satisfaction. Even removing this current crisis from the equation, it is undeniable that for a business to successfully thrive, customer satisfaction should be given importance, among others.

Before delving further about the importance of customer satisfaction for a company’s survival, and how businesses can improve customer relations, let us know more about what customer satisfaction means.

Customer Satisfaction in a Nutshell

Customer satisfaction is the gauge used to measure the degree of how customers are happy with the company’s merchandise, service, and experience. A wide range of methods is employed to scale if the business meets customer expectations, including surveys, questionnaires, and other data collection approaches.

It is not safe for a business to assume what their customer wants. Instead, companies should invest time and money in understanding the needs or pains of the customers. Using tools such as polls, surveys, and feedback interviews give your organization further insights on how you can improve your business and boost the satisfaction of your customers.

Why Customer Satisfaction is Vital to a Business’s Success

Regardless of whether your company caters to other businesses or straightaway towards customers, it is vital that you take a human approach since you are dealing with another being.

Maintaining the satisfaction of your customers adds to your business’s long-term success and growth. A study conducted showed that the majority of satisfied customers are likely to be repeat buyers if they are happy the way the company handled the initial transaction.

On the other hand, not only are unsatisfied customers unwilling to do business again with a company, but the majority of them are willing to take action after the negative experience. Such action involves sharing concerns on social media, giving negative reviews, or simply complaining to family and friends.

For example, if you are a game development outsourcing company, you will ensure that the output of tasks farmed out to your business meets, or even exceeds the expectation of your client. That way, not only will you gain another loyal customer, but an evangelizer as well.

Proven Ways of Boosting Customer Satisfaction

In this COVID pandemic era, competition among brands tightens as more and more companies switch to online avenues to salvage their business. Although businesses differ in their approach to increasing customer satisfaction, the following are some proven ways how to achieve such.

Happy Employees Equals Happy Customers

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Some businesses are so focused on providing better products, services, and experience that they forget to take into account their employees in the equation. Happy employees result in happy customers. Employees who are satisfied and happy with their job are more willing to provide excellent customer service.

Apart from that, they are amenable to work with and are more likely to stay longer in the company. So, show some love to your employees by showering some treats now and then, or simply by handing a personalized thank you note. Employees who feel appreciated in their job could also become brand advocates.

Customers Are Humans Too

As mentioned earlier, customers are human too. When interacting with customers for their queries, put some personal touch by addressing them by their names. Personalized replies also add a warm touch than automated replies. Most customers are more willing to follow through with their concerns if companies show that they are truly willing to help out.

Provide Omnichannel Support

In this age of fast-paced technology, customers, especially millennials and gen Zers, expect a seamless customer service experience. Customers now expect you to reply to their concerns whether through social media, email, or the good old telephone call. If you want to avoid exasperating your customers and potentially harming your business’s reputation, provide multiple channel supports.

Offer Discounts and Freebies

Nothing delights a customer more than hearing about discounts and freebies. A study funded concluded that free shipping and other discounts are the driving force for most customers to push through with the purchase. Surprising your customers now and then with some freebies helps establish a positive brand image.

By following any of these suggestions, you can ensure value-added customer satisfaction in your business during this pandemic and beyond.

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