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The video technology landscape is changing rapidly. A few years ago, Vine and Snapchat were the new kids on the block, and businesses were starting to experiment with how to use them.

Now, there are so many types of video technology available that businesses are struggling to keep up. But that’s a good thing- because Video is becoming an increasingly valuable resource for businesses of all sizes. Here are some ways video technology is changing business and why you should be taking advantage of it.

Video Marketing

Videos are a great and fun way to market your business– and they’re a perfect fit for internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and startups. Having a web presence is more important than ever these days since so many people use the internet when researching new brands and services before making a purchase. Video marketing is innovative because it’s another way to stand out from the crowd.

What sort of videos is best? Original, informative, authentic — you name it. It all depends on your business and what you want to accomplish with your video marketing campaign. A luxury hotel may choose a promotional video that focuses more on their facilities. Still, an internet service provider may show how they can simplify using the internet by focusing on customer experience instead.

Live Video Streaming

Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular as technology for both viewers and businesses improves. From live events like conferences or product announcements to weekly office hours streamed right from your company headquarters, there are plenty of ways to use this type of video technology to stay connected with your customers and build a community.

Talking to your viewers makes you seem more approachable, primarily when they can type in questions during the live stream and get them answered immediately.

Video Conferencing

When done right, Video conferencing has been shown to increase productivity by 50%. This is a must for businesses with remote or traveling employees- it’s easier than ever before to host a virtual meeting through a simple app on your computer or phone.

You can even record these conferences so that everyone who couldn’t attend will have access to the information they missed. Video conferencing is also great for sharing screens and going over documents together if you don’t have time to meet up in person.

Interactive Video

This is one of the most exciting new ways to use video technology. With interactive or live Video, viewers can make decisions or take action while they’re watching. It’s like reality TV but more personalized and engaging. Imagine your favorite game show where you get to answer questions about your life for a chance to win prizes.

Virtual Reality (VR)

We remember when 3D movies became popular in theaters, and it seemed like an exciting time for both movie producers and audiences alike. But this new wave of VR technology has the potential to be even bigger than 3D. Producers are already experimenting with making movies specifically for VR to feel more immersed than ever before. So contact unreal virtual production services to create fantastic marketing movies that will uplift your business revenue.

360° Video

Like VR, 360° video gives people an immersive viewing experience. Rather than simply clicking around to make the camera angle change, viewers can interact with 360° videos in real-time by rotating their phones or swiping through options on the desktop.

These types of videos are beneficial for businesses who want to give customers a sense of what it’s like inside their store or building without actually forcing them to walk through the halls and look at everything up close.

4K Technology

The more pixels, the better the quality. 4K Video is four times as high resolution as HD, which means you can see every detail when watching it on a bigger screen like your computer or TV. This is especially useful since most online videos are viewed on larger screens than they would be if you were streaming or playing them on your phone.

4K is only becoming more popular with time, so you want to make sure that everything your business puts out there looks its best. You never know when someone might decide to watch one of your older videos again, and they’ll notice how much crisper it is in 4K.

So what does this mean for businesses? For starters, video technology can be used for more than just entertainment; it’s changing the way we communicate and learn. Not only that, but with interactive videos, you can build a community of like-minded people around your brand or product. And who knows? Your company might even become famous.

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