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Long gone are the days you had to write a mail or publish an article to get your message to the world. The digital age is now running on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. While these sites are for linking with old friends and families and making new ones, they are ideal when you want to pass your message across nations. These platforms seem to be working great for organizations in understanding their customers. These social sites are also great for conducting a market survey and internal communication.

A majority of people do not care about past conversations with people they have linked on social media sites. But the search, usage and transaction history of all social media sites is essential for an organization. Leaders in these organizations also need to keep all their social media data safe and secure for future reference. The information is also useful for business compliance and monitoring of communication demands. It is thus crucial that organizations consider archiving solutions like PageFreezer Software Inc to file all the data in their social media sites.

You may be wondering, who might need to use the archiving capabilities? Here are four groups that could make great use of archiving capabilities:


In the today world, organizations and companies are not the only ones who are brands. Individuals are coming out and building their online presence and become a brand. But what for? You ask — influencer marketing. Influencer marketing refers to the promotion of goods or services through a person as a brand. The person in question must be an influencer of the various social media sites. Such could use archiving to retrieve their previous conversations with all the past clients that have ever reach out to them.


Brand website being shown on a computerOnline platforms are central to the marketing efforts of brands to reach the wide audience who use social media day in day out. Here, tracking social media activity is useful in offering insight on customer engagement. The brands can measure their progress, spot new opportunities, and predict the future.

Public Sector

Institutions in the public sector, such as schools, also have online platforms on which they run their operations. Their primary goal here, however, is improving their service and not getting profits. Therefore, such can use their online platforms to maintain historical relevance.

Keeping the content of your social media sites for later use can be difficult when you do not know what keeping these records entails. There is the risk of the relevant authorities involved pulling down these platforms, thus causing total loss of your data. Also, these social sites keep your data in a complicated and hard-to-retrieve format. But, you know that the data of your online platforms is crucial in shaping the future of your business. Therefore, protect your data by getting archiving services. Archiving solutions provide you with the ability to access your data with ease, remotely, and whenever a need arises. That is not forgetting that the data on your platforms remain in the same format, thus, retaining its authenticity.

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