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If your company does content marketing, you know how vital it is to obtain positive and genuine engagement from your target market. But with all the competition vying for the same niche, it’s hard to catch anyone’s attention and compel them to visit your site just by reading your headline. It’s very crucial that you find out what kind of headlines will get your target readers to click on your post. Below are some simple tips to help you get started.

Determine Which Emotion Appeals Most to Your Target Audience

We see a lot of headlines every day urging us to “click” away, but some of them could merely be click bait while others are genuinely compelling. So it’s vital that you appeal to your target audience’s emotions to give them a reason to click on your headline. Generally speaking, emotional headlines come in the following categories:

Empathic – These are words that stir positive emotions in people.
Intellectual – These are words you can use to offer products or services that need the evaluation of users.
Spiritual – These are words that appeal to people on a more meaningful and more profound level. These words have nothing to do with your market’s faith or religion; instead, these words should elicit feelings of compassion and beneficence.

It’s your job to determine which emotion your target audience leans towards your offerings to help you optimize your headlines and acquire more engagement and clicks.

Use the Right Keywords

Conducting thorough keyword research is crucial, so you’ll know what type of content your target audience likes and be compelled to comment on and share on social media. Optimize your headlines for SEO by opting for long-tail keywords since these are more specific and would be more relevant to your target audience and offerings. For example, if you’re offering social media marketing services and would like to target a specific locale, you can use “social media marketing” for your niche in Gaithersburg, but you could also use  “Gaithersburg’s social media marketing strategies”.

Conduct A/B Testing

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The phrasing of your content is crucial, and a test and comparison stage between two variables will help you learn more about your target audience’s online content consumption so you can target their interests more effectively. Once you’ve decided on a headline, make a slightly similar title that shares the same message. You then send the main headline to half of your email list and the second version to the remaining half. All you need to do is to track your conversion rates and determine which headline was clicked on more to see how your target audience responded to the most.

Crafting headlines that result in the kind of shares and engagement you’re looking for is not always easy, but with some forethought and a solid strategy, you too can craft headlines that will resonate with your target audience and compel them to click on and share. Do extensive keyword research, do A/B testing on possible headlines, and target your audience’s emotions. In time, it will be easier for you to determine which headlines work and which ones don’t for your target audience.

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